Sex, sex and more sex


Almost everyone loves sex.

You have different types of sex.

Sex can you do with your partner, a trio or a whole orgi ( group sex ).
You also have some people who love hardcore porn.
You also have people who love sm.
Like the one where the charge and hits the other excited by the jobs he / she must do.

there will always be an update placed on the different positions, sex with your partner or with others.
Which sex objects / toys you can use
sex games like: SM.
What kind of sex that exists.
Every week there will be an update on two delights that you can exercise.
Would you and your partner more pleasure in bed , read each week Newkidsontheblog.

Feel free to read and enjoy yourself.
the delights.

the Lotus

He: He relies on his arms, leans back and sits cross-legged. His thighs are spread wide enough so you can go your way.
You: Sit on your friend with your face towards him and take him prisoner between your legs. Start a languishing game and move from bottom to top and from left to right. Come and go right back down. Do it to a rhythm that you both enjoy. A cowboy hat can be a key kinky!

Why is it so good? Because you ‘re in control! You decide on the pace and depth of penetration. You can look each other in the eyes, you put your fully exposed to him and you will feel very connected in this sexy scolded.

If you try it? You have a lot of energy and you want to take the initiative. It is the ideal way to make if you ‘ve had a altercation well

Note: Your partner may get cramps in his arms. He might lean against a wall to be hands free and yours to spoil.



You: Sit on all fours with your arms straight in front of you. You rely on your hands to keep your balance. You look down not to bend your back. Imagine that you imitate a low table.
He: Sit on his knees just behind you , pulling your hips firmly. He penetrates and makes you rake movements. You will come to orgasm with a capital O.
Why is it so good? This is one of the most famous masterpieces from the Kamasutra. The position of the vagina , the man with his penis stimulate the G-spot!

If you try it? You are in an earlier animal mood rather than in a romantic mood and just want good sex!

Fact: You are not on a wall to wall carpeting or parquet rough, does this scolding best you ‘d ever be able to hurt or burns to your knees. Also ask your partner to boost with one hand. Clitoris Pleasure guaranteed!

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