Here is my first post of this blog.

In the next month I will try and put new light on Rap.

There is so much special Rap out there that’s just to underrated.

I’m a real big Rap fan I think its amazing there are just so many great  writers out there that are just unknown. And the famous rappers are most of the time the worst (not all the time but most!).

so I am going to try and convince everybody that reads this that Rap is far from dead and better than it ever was.

I’m starting of with one of my all time favorite rappers, or I should say duo, Atmosphere.

Atmosphere is a duo existing out of the rapper and writer  Slug and producer Ant.

Atmosphere is a popular group in the underground  rap scene.

they have been active for over 10 years and there beats and raps are just unique.

the lyrics are so honest and sometimes funny and poetic and even if you do not hear him rap it you could really see that it is a Slug rap.

this particular song is about a friend.

that’s  a joke because the song is called : a song about a friend.

the symbolism in this song is amazing and if you just take the time to study the lyrics and look at the story I bed you get some sympathy or at least some kind of feeling that you can relate to him.

this is not going to be the last song about atmosphere I will disgust but this will be the first.

A song about a friend.

Hope you enjoy.

Edo Poland.




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