News and Movie updates

The news

Allright guys, how are ya’ll :p? I’m just chilling outside in the sun right now writing this blog. I just downloaded the WordPress app, it’s a pretty nice and handy app.
But allright I’m not gonna write this blog just talking about this WordPress app. I’m gonna update you guys on news and movies.
Okay, I’ll just begin with the news. Because, well I had to… Okay, so let’s start.
This morning I read that Ariel Castro a.k.a The Cleveland kidnapper commited suicide in jail. Castro was that crazy man who had kidnapped 3 young women 10 years ago. They were locked up for 10 years, abused and raped. One of the women is the mother of his 6 year old daughter.
In March or April one of the women found a way to escape Castro’s home and ran into a man named Charles Ramsey who helped her and the other women to break free from Castro’s prison.
What I don’t get about this whole story is that mr. Castro had to face a death penalty, but he chose to admit everything, so he wouldn’t be killed. Though he had to stay in prison for the rest of his life, in my opinion he really deserved that. But he avoided the kill, but kills himself afterwards…Fuck logic. Maybe he wanted to avoid the electricity chair. Well I don’t know. But that’s for that for now.

So let’s go on with movies. Yep movies. People often think that I’m crazy, for not liking movies. I don’t hate movies or something, but some movies are just crazy to imagine. Too crazy for me to imagine, or to be triggered. I usually like animation movies and comedies
The smurfs and Despicable me 2 are the two animation movies that are the most popular right now. But I don’t get that bullshit hype about those Minions. Everybody’s like: ‘Oh my god, I want Minion. They’re freaking cute’. I seriously don’t get it,maybe because it’s I haven’t seen the movie…Anyways. I don’t get that One Direction movie hype either. I mean come on, One Direction? There aren’t very interesting movies right now…I gues.

I hope you’re happy with this blog. I am…(done with my homework). Read my next blog next week folks :D!

Felicity Francis


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