Hello, here I am again
and here again I posted an update about sex

Sex has not only advantages but also disadvantages.


STDs anyone know what that means, but not everyone is aware of what it can do. With your life
if you have unsafe sex with someone the chances are that quite often you can get a disease.

Also, if you share the bed with different partners.

Always let your test if you want. Sex with your partner

You have several STDs

Chlamydia is the most common disease, most people do not even notice that they have, and they can transfer to another.
Chlamydia can be treated on time if you get tested at the doctor. Thankfully

Chlamydia can not kiss up by dirty toilets, or drink from each glass.

one of the worst STDs is AIDS.
If you have this or you get doomed.
You not only get AIDS through sex, but also a lot of drug users.
Because they use dirty needles.

AIDS can also get by syphilis.

These are parts blisters / sores on the genitals.
It is a type other than cold sores.
If you do not get treated on time, you can also get AIDS here.

Hopefully this is a good info for your sex life.
Let’s not ruin it by another.

Always use a condom!


greetz: Vanity Bell.


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