Alien Abductees Adrift

Time for a new blogpost. I found out that I had to post twice a week which is exciting since I can rattle as much as I want without forcing anyone to read it. IT’S YOUR OWN CHOICE TO BE BRAINWASHED BY ME AND MY ALIENS! Hahaha. Ok for real now.
I decided to make this post about abduction stories (including missing people and weird shit happening) and about mutilated cow corpses (no need to be afraid unless you’re a cow). So here it goes:


Alien abduction:
The subject of alien abduction has been around for quite some time, probably since the beginning of mankind. 
The first recorded abduction story was that of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961, the news reached the papers and they were interviewed and asked to draw sketches of what they saw.
They were an interracial couple however so many people thought they were odd already (since it wasn’t ordinary back then) and didn’t quite believe their story at first. 
Their story begins in England around Lancaster with them driving home at around 10 PM when they started seeing some object in the sky which they first believed was an airplane. As the object approached Barney got out of the car but ran back and drove away ass fast as he could when he saw ‘people’ inside the craft. The craft was gone and they realized they were 30 miles further from where they had seen the craft just about 2 minutes ago. 
The next day Betty and Barney reported the incident and soon after that Betty began having nightmares of being taken into a craft. 
As I said they were an interracial couple and some people believed Barney was under a lot of stress since he had a lot of weight to carry and thus decided what he saw hadn’t been a real experience. Of course the story is much longer and you can find lots of abduction stories on the internet on here: and other sites. (You can also find pictures, interviews, case files and other stuff on there. I don’t know if it’s really reliable but I find it interesting). Some people also claim to have been abducted repeatedly since their childhood. 

Abduction symptoms:
-Have you been experiencing sleep paralysis? (Also known as Old Hag syndrome) 
-Missing or lost time without explanation.
-Have you seen balls or flashes of light near your home?
-Have had false pregnancies or missing fetus (was pregnant, then not anymore).
-Have had vivid reoccurring dreams of alien beings.
-Have inexplainable strong fears or phobias of certain sounds, animals or light.
-Have awoken with (triangular) inexplainable marks or bruises on the body (as if a chip has been implanted).
-Constant feeling of being watched.
-Hearing weird humming sounds of which you could not identify the source.
-Have been receiving telepathic ‘messages’.
-Have seen, heard or experienced strange things.

those are a few common abduction symptoms but it varies with every abductee of course. 

And now the beasts!
There has been a lot of speculation about why extra-terrestrial beings would ‘kidnap’ cows and what would they need them for?
The first documented ‘cattle mutilation’ as they are called occurred in 1973 by a farmer in Kansas.
First they thought it was a cruel joke or that some kind of sick Satanic cult was running around sacrificing cows. 
Since 1973 there have been over thousand reports about cows found dead without a clear cause, drained of their blood, no bloodstains near the cows, no (animal nor human) footprints found (even in snow or mud-involved cases the ground is clear of footprints), certain organs have seem to be removed with surgically precision and sometimes layers of skin as well.
In almost any case abnormal high radiation signals are detected near the dead animal. 

In the late 1970’s four explanations had been emerged:
-Satanic cults and rituals.
-As a result of intelligence agency secret projects involving chemical weapons and testing. 
-The whole thing was blown out of proportion (as if the papers were lying about how badly mutilated the cattle were).
-Extraterrestrial experiments…. 


I’ll post some pictures of the cows:
As you can see the cuts have been made with surgical precision.. So either it’s being done by humans or by something unknown, for no animal could do similar harm. 
Poor cows by the way.. I don’t like seeing these pics so if you’re interested for more you should go look on the web yourself.



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