My second pretty random blog

Hello , I’m back with a new brand new blog. I had to post yesterday, but I forgot it. So I’m writing a quick one right now.


So, there’s a movie now in the cinema’s about Steve Jobs. Starring with Ashton Kutcher, he’s doing a pretty good Job(s) 😉 playing Steve Jobs. He really looks like him when he was young. I haven’t seen the movie, only the trailer. But I’d like to see the movie. Eventhough a friend of my said the movie was pretty lame and the movie had no funny parts what so ever.

Jobs the movie



And yes, the news. It’s all about Syria right now. Obama wants to attack Syria, because Assad dropped a chemical bomb. Which left many people wounded, hurt and dead. So, many countries are now debating. Should we attack Syria or not? My opinion about this whole Syria thing is, they shoud not bomb them. It’ll only cause more riot in Syria. And only more Syrians will flee to their neighbour countries. Like Turkey
, they said they can’t take much more citizens. Russia is against the attack, and Poetin said that he’ll support Syria no mather what.


Enough about Syria now, it’s not really a topic I like to write about. But there’s not many other news right now in the papers. But I’d read a funny article. About a Brazillian man who wants to marry a goat. Yes, you read it wel a goat. The man was married four times, but got divorced. Now the 74 years old man is in love with a goat. The goat named Carmelita and her future husband are getting married on October 13th. The Brazillian man is getting his bride a new dress, because she ate her first one. Funny isn’t it? Haha, it’s my kind of humor :p.

Man trouwt met geit

The Brazillian man and his bride Carmelita 😛


Tiil next time folks.


Felicity Francis





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