Hello everyone.

Today another post about sex.
I ‘ll keep it short for now.
I’ll give you updates on the fun sex positions .

Okay, here we go.

The sex positions.

Lithe for women : The sailor


The sailor.

How ?
You : Lies on your back and swinging your legs back, as if you could take a tumble .
He : Sit on his knees in front of you , take your legs and put them in his neck . So you actually legs resting on his shoulders . He grabs your hips firmly and leans forward . You make rocking movements.

Why is it so good? In this scolding you open sex more and the penis of your friend like a dip in the deep take ! Your hands are free to caress each other and you can look each other in the eyes .

If you try it? You must be agile enough to handle this. Scolding It’s also nice if you like to kiss your partner during sex .

Fact : Because your vagina is more open in this position , you can pubis and coccyx muscle tightening during lovemaking . You span them and relaxes them around the penis of your friend . You will take him to the seventh heaven .

For Acrobats: Wheelbarrow


The Wheelbarrow

How ?
You: Think back to your childhood and take the starting position of the game to barrow. Use a few cushions to sit . At the correct height
He : State right behind you and take your ankles firmly. You bend your legs and stick them against the thighs of your partner.

Why is it so good? Surprise Effect guaranteed! You play with the rules of gravity and the usual wijzes penetration . Your head pointing to the ground , making you feel a pleasant dizziness and on top of that you can enjoy a penetration from behind . You give your partner as a beautiful view of your buttocks which will ensure that he will persevere! Efforts more

If you try it? You want to break the routine and try something different . It is the ideal way to show your sweetheart that you yoga classes are effective, in every way!

Fact: To keep you full longer support best on your forearms and not just on your hands. Also keep going back up to avoid the blood to quickly go to your head . This is just not the right time to attack! Faint.

Well hope you enjoy.

Greetz, Vanity Bell.


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