We are gonna talk about P.O.S to day.

P.O.S  is a rapper whit his own unique rap style, a lot of beats are actually played by a band and its in a punk rock style.

he is a great story teller and he brings it whit a lot of emotion, you can hear a lot of his opinions about life and things that happened to him or some one he knew.

he is sign  by the label rhymesayers, witch is one of the best hip-hop labels there are and the founder of this label is no one less than slug form atmosphere.

P.O.S  is involved in a lot of other music he is the singer and guitar player of a punk band named building better bombs (witch has no rap in it at al!) and he is also a big part of the rap crew Doomtree. so this guy is a hard worker. he is from Minneapolis just like atmosphere and the rapper grieves.

this is a great video from beginning to the end especially the end!

the song it self is great to and you can really feel the punk.

for more great p.o.s songs hit me up and I’ll let you know

Edo Poland.


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