Thurday’s Blog

Hey everyone, it’s thursday. And it’s my turn to post a blog. I’m already enjoying my weekend. It was a long school week as usual.
So, I’m laying on the couch. Gonna write an awesome blog on the handy WordPress app. If you have an Android or ios phone, I recommend you this app.

So last friday I was watching The Voice of Holland. Yes, I’m a big fan of talentshows like the Voice, Xfactor etc. Anyways, I was watching the voice. And the last audition of the episode was from a girl named Julia van der Toorn. A 17 year old girl, with a guitar. She sang an acoustic cover of Britney Spears’ Oops I did it again. The audience went crazy. And the jury ad well. They were are dying to get her on their team.
I was not impressed by this girl Julia’s performance. I mean it wasn’t bad, but they were all like: ‘Oh my god, Julia. Your talent is beyond! You’re the frontrunner of this competion. You’re gonna be the winner’!
My opinion about all this is that it’s not fair to the other contestants. If I would be a contestant I’d feel like I was in the show just for granted. I mean like, the next day saturday. Every radio station was talking about ‘That girl Julia from the Voice’. Her cover of Oops I did it again is available at Itunes. That’s like so shitty to the other contestants who got through the auditions. But didn’t had their auditions songs recorded and available in the Itunes store.
Well, here’s Julia’s auditions. Decide if you think it’s as good as everyone says.

So, enough about the Voice. Since I’m the one that’s supposed to write about movies. Imma write about one of my favourite tv shows that’s inspired by a movie: Catfish the tvseries.
I freaking love that show! I just can’t miss an episode, I watch it every week. It’s such a clever tv show. How many (American) people are in a online relationship? Many times it’s to good to be true. And every episode is just so different. You never know what to expect from the ‘catfishes’.

The guy who came up with this tv show Nev Schulman, is like my hero. He is this real sweet nice guy. He’s always so nice and understanding.
Till now I’ve seen all the episodes that were aired in Holland.
But I still haven’t seen the actual movie. So, when I have some spare time imma watch it for sure!

I think I wrote everything I wanted to put in this blog today. Okay, guys till next time. I have to write monday again, so till monday ;)!

Felicity Francis


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