Ancient Alien Art

This time I’ll write about ancient aliens (no, not the series on History Channel) and cave drawings.
Next time will also be about ancient aliens and religion.

Fire in the sky:
Since the beginning of mankind we’ve always searched for a way to communicate. We used hieroglyphs (carving into stone plates), papyrus scripts (in ancient Egypt and Greek) and so on. Before that, we used self-made pigments to paint on cave walls.
Those cave paintings were drawn by observation, meaning that they painted what they saw.
The paintings are found all over the world possibly around the same time era as well, even though people didn’t know about each others existence at the time. Archeologists and other researchers have discovered most paintings contain distinctive creatures that could not be recognized as human beings:

ovni2Kimberley, Australia. 5000 b.c.

UnknownVal Camonica, Italy. 10000 b.c

tassiliafrica2Tassili, Sahara desert, North Africa

ufo6000North Africa. 6000 b.c.

What are your opinions on these drawings?  They are found everywhere, not just one country or one cave in particular. And they certainly aren’t human, look at the ‘glowing’ heads. The last picture even has something that appears as a ‘flying disk’ of some sorts.
Human eyes aren’t giant and black like the ones in the painting from Australia. Say what you will but it sure is interesting.

From above:
Other interesting drawings include the Nazca Lines in Peru.
The Nazca lines are giant man-made figures mostly of animals and plants. The lines are kilometers across the land in all kinds of geometric shapes, triangles and spirals.
The most famous one is the Astronaut:

The AstronautDiscovered by Eduardo Herran in 1982. 32 meters in height.
(I wonder why it’s called ‘the astronaut’ .. something to do with beings from above?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome of these lines can be seen from space in NASA satellite pictures.
In 1903 the Wright brothers made a machine that we now know as the first ‘plane’, before that others had tried to invent hot air balloons to fly like a bird. Inventors continued improving the Wright brothers’ idea of airplanes and in the late 1930’s they came up with the jet engine. However, in the first commercial flying company for crop-dusting in 1920 they discovered the Nazca lines.
.. So if OUR ”spaceships” and flying equipment was only starting to evolve in the 1900’s HOW come the people made the Nazca figures so enormous as if they wanted it to be seen from above. But why would they make them that big? They can only be seen from above, was it some sort of landing field for alien aircrafts?

There are many theories about the Nazca lines so if you’re curious, research it and expand your known world!


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