A little soccer talk

Hello readers, it’s me Felicity again with a new blog. It’s the 17th of September. The third tuesday of September, which means two things.  It’s a very important day for the Netherlands, because today is ‘Prinsjesdag’. It’s an important day, because the government is going to tell how they’re going to spend the money on the rest of the year and next year.

But I’m not going to talk about that today, because tuesday the 17th of September is known for me as the day that there is going to be some Champions League matches. Yes, I’m a big soccer fan, in case you didn’t know. And for me as a soccer fan today and tomorrow are going to be nice evenings. Spending the night watching soccer, what else could I ask for right?

So the teams that’ll be playing tonight are Galatasaray from Turkey and Real Madrid from Spain. Yeah, it’s like a battle between dinosaurs and a kangeroos. Real Madrid would be the dinosaur in this case. But still it will be a great match. Because last time these two teams played together, Galatasaray won surprisingly with 3-2. Which make their team very attractive to watch. They always play with all their heart, and when you see them they are like brothers on the pitch. And they have their secret weapons Didier Drogba, Wesley Sneijder and Burak Yilmaz. They are the starplayers, for sure. That’s why I compare Galatasaray to kangaroos, because they have their special attacks at times. Though Galatasaray’s nickname is ‘Aslanlar’ which means lions in Turkish. Evet, my Turkish is pretty good in case you didn’t knew that too.

Selcuk Inan (Left), Burak Yilmaz (centerleft), Didier Drogba (cr-right) Wesley Sneijder (right)

Selcuk Inan (Left), Burak Yilmaz (centerleft), Didier Drogba (cr-right) Wesley Sneijder (right)

Real Madrid is deadly at this point. They bought starplayer Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspur. Right now, he’s one of the best soccer players of the world. And one of the most expensive players ever. And offcourse Cristiano Ronaldo,  yeah what can I say. This dude is on top of his carreer right now. He’s such a good player, he’s the one player from Real that I don’t hate.

Gareth Bale (left) Cristiano Ronaldo (Right), on their first meeting with each other

Gareth Bale (left) Cristiano Ronaldo (Right), on their first meeting with each other

I’m not a fan of Real Madrid, because I’m a Barcelona fan. And my team Barca is playing tomorrow against an other team which I love too. Ajax, if you’re from Amsterdam you obviously love Ajax, so yes. It’s hard to know which team I want to support, because I love them both. But in this case, i would support Ajax because they’re the weaker team. And they are always trying their hardest in the League. But that game will be played tomorrow like I said.

I can’t wait to see Galatasaray against Real Madrid, who will qualify for the quarterfinals? We’ll see how many point they’ll get out of the first match. See you next time

Felicity Francis.


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