Oral Sex


Oral sex is often practiced as a form of foreplay, although it is a goal in itself may be.

The operations can be both specifically for the enjoyment of the partner as well done for your own pleasure.
Oral sex is practiced by heterosexuals and homosexuals. Both pairs, trios and in groups. Sometimes a person if it has a very flexible backbone thus with himself. This is called a woman and a man Autocunnilingus Auto Fellatio.
Sexual needs can be  with oral sex when a woman wants to keep her physical virginity. Heterosexual couples can also use this form of sex as an alternative to contraception.
Many people use euphemisms to talk about oral sex because there is still a slight taboo on these activities.

Attitudes and variants

Oral sex can be performed in a variety of poses. In standing, lying or sitting positions are many variations are possible.

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Also in oral sex can contract an STI (sexually transmitted disease). Especially with multiple sexual partners will grow this risk. One should be alert to include chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis but also AIDS.
A Swedish study suspect link between human papillomavirus and certain cancers. [Source?] It is believed that the risk increases with the increase of variable-oral sexual contacts.

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