Soccer news: Real Madrid – Galatasaray

Hi there bloggers! It’s Felicity here blogging, I’m sorry for not putting a blog on earlier.
I was sick and my computer is at the store to repair it. It’s pretty slow and I can’t use it properly. It takes an hout to open a tab. So, I’m using the app again. Nice app, but typing a long blog with a touchscreen really sucks. Anyways, in this blog I’m going to do a little flashback of last week’s Champions League matches. You remember that I wrote about it? In this blog I’m going to tell about Galatasaray – Real Madrid.
It was a hell of match, from Real and for Galatasaray. The result was 1-6. One goal against six.
I didn’t expect Galatasaray to win from Real, but I really didn’t expect this result.
Galatasaray had a good start though, they had their best players on the pitch and created some attacks. With Didier Drogba as the leader of the team they played with a little confidence in their Türk Telekom Arena. But Real wasn’t inpressed by the attemps of Galatasaray.
The 0-1 came, Isco scored nice and simple. Past keeper Muslera.
Okay, untill that point it didn’t looked to bad for Galatasaray.
But a few minutes before half time, Drogba clashed into his opponent and left himself hurt and injured. He could not finish the match.
Half time was over and Galatasaray looked clearly lost without Drogba. One minute after half time the 0-2 came. 0-3, 0-4, 0-5.
Umut Bulut scored the 1-5 for Galatasaray to save their pride a little. And after that goal, the 1-6 came. A hattrick made by who else? Cristiano Ronaldo. And to pretty goals by Karim Benzema.
Next week they have to play the returns, Real Madrid wil play in their home stadium Estadio Bernabeu.
I will write a quick summary of the other match, Ajax – Barcelona.
Till next time.

Felicity Francis


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