Hello everyone,

Today I am going to talk about SM.



a combination of sadism: pleasure in putting on pain, and masochism: fun in the subject and suppress pain is a form of sexual experience in which one or more of the partner(s) the pain caused to undergo another. Sm can easily be manually polite but also using tools, whether or not specifically designed for this purpose.


Examples are:

• spanking

• whipping and flogging

• clamps and pins on different body parts

• use of hand and leg irons, tying with rope (bondage)

• use of mouth gags (cloths, rubber ball, inflatable gag)

• pricking with needles (needle play)

• melted candle wax dripping on various body parts and then possibly cooling with ice cubes (wax-game)

• electrical stimulation (electro sex)

• tying the partner

• Stretching orifices using dildos or butt plug. Whether or not inflatable toys.

• facesitting

Where to BDSM main concern is the love and devotion to each other. The submissive wants his or her dominant  please. Conversely, the dominant feels responsible for the welfare of the submissive.

Extreme forms there are, strangle seks (sexual pleasure by squeezing the throat or unaided) is a very dangerous form of sadomasochism.

Greetz Vani Bell




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