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Today I’m going to talk about transgender.

Transgenders are people who were born in the wrong body.
You, for example, born a boy, but you really want a girl.
Off of their youth, they know that they want to change their gender.
They also deal with a psychologist.
This has to do with what to expect stand them.

Most people find it hard to remove. Their genitals And they swallow other hormones and more. You get this from the doctor.

I have a film about an operation.
A man changes his penis into a vagina.
Only for adult


greetz Vanity


A little soccer talk

Hello readers, it’s me Felicity again with a new blog. It’s the 17th of September. The third tuesday of September, which means two things.  It’s a very important day for the Netherlands, because today is ‘Prinsjesdag’. It’s an important day, because the government is going to tell how they’re going to spend the money on the rest of the year and next year.

But I’m not going to talk about that today, because tuesday the 17th of September is known for me as the day that there is going to be some Champions League matches. Yes, I’m a big soccer fan, in case you didn’t know. And for me as a soccer fan today and tomorrow are going to be nice evenings. Spending the night watching soccer, what else could I ask for right?

So the teams that’ll be playing tonight are Galatasaray from Turkey and Real Madrid from Spain. Yeah, it’s like a battle between dinosaurs and a kangeroos. Real Madrid would be the dinosaur in this case. But still it will be a great match. Because last time these two teams played together, Galatasaray won surprisingly with 3-2. Which make their team very attractive to watch. They always play with all their heart, and when you see them they are like brothers on the pitch. And they have their secret weapons Didier Drogba, Wesley Sneijder and Burak Yilmaz. They are the starplayers, for sure. That’s why I compare Galatasaray to kangaroos, because they have their special attacks at times. Though Galatasaray’s nickname is ‘Aslanlar’ which means lions in Turkish. Evet, my Turkish is pretty good in case you didn’t knew that too.

Selcuk Inan (Left), Burak Yilmaz (centerleft), Didier Drogba (cr-right) Wesley Sneijder (right)

Selcuk Inan (Left), Burak Yilmaz (centerleft), Didier Drogba (cr-right) Wesley Sneijder (right)

Real Madrid is deadly at this point. They bought starplayer Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspur. Right now, he’s one of the best soccer players of the world. And one of the most expensive players ever. And offcourse Cristiano Ronaldo,  yeah what can I say. This dude is on top of his carreer right now. He’s such a good player, he’s the one player from Real that I don’t hate.

Gareth Bale (left) Cristiano Ronaldo (Right), on their first meeting with each other

Gareth Bale (left) Cristiano Ronaldo (Right), on their first meeting with each other

I’m not a fan of Real Madrid, because I’m a Barcelona fan. And my team Barca is playing tomorrow against an other team which I love too. Ajax, if you’re from Amsterdam you obviously love Ajax, so yes. It’s hard to know which team I want to support, because I love them both. But in this case, i would support Ajax because they’re the weaker team. And they are always trying their hardest in the League. But that game will be played tomorrow like I said.

I can’t wait to see Galatasaray against Real Madrid, who will qualify for the quarterfinals? We’ll see how many point they’ll get out of the first match. See you next time

Felicity Francis.

Ancient Alien Art

This time I’ll write about ancient aliens (no, not the series on History Channel) and cave drawings.
Next time will also be about ancient aliens and religion.

Fire in the sky:
Since the beginning of mankind we’ve always searched for a way to communicate. We used hieroglyphs (carving into stone plates), papyrus scripts (in ancient Egypt and Greek) and so on. Before that, we used self-made pigments to paint on cave walls.
Those cave paintings were drawn by observation, meaning that they painted what they saw.
The paintings are found all over the world possibly around the same time era as well, even though people didn’t know about each others existence at the time. Archeologists and other researchers have discovered most paintings contain distinctive creatures that could not be recognized as human beings:

ovni2Kimberley, Australia. 5000 b.c.

UnknownVal Camonica, Italy. 10000 b.c

tassiliafrica2Tassili, Sahara desert, North Africa

ufo6000North Africa. 6000 b.c.

What are your opinions on these drawings?  They are found everywhere, not just one country or one cave in particular. And they certainly aren’t human, look at the ‘glowing’ heads. The last picture even has something that appears as a ‘flying disk’ of some sorts.
Human eyes aren’t giant and black like the ones in the painting from Australia. Say what you will but it sure is interesting.

From above:
Other interesting drawings include the Nazca Lines in Peru.
The Nazca lines are giant man-made figures mostly of animals and plants. The lines are kilometers across the land in all kinds of geometric shapes, triangles and spirals.
The most famous one is the Astronaut:

The AstronautDiscovered by Eduardo Herran in 1982. 32 meters in height.
(I wonder why it’s called ‘the astronaut’ .. something to do with beings from above?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome of these lines can be seen from space in NASA satellite pictures.
In 1903 the Wright brothers made a machine that we now know as the first ‘plane’, before that others had tried to invent hot air balloons to fly like a bird. Inventors continued improving the Wright brothers’ idea of airplanes and in the late 1930’s they came up with the jet engine. However, in the first commercial flying company for crop-dusting in 1920 they discovered the Nazca lines.
.. So if OUR ”spaceships” and flying equipment was only starting to evolve in the 1900’s HOW come the people made the Nazca figures so enormous as if they wanted it to be seen from above. But why would they make them that big? They can only be seen from above, was it some sort of landing field for alien aircrafts?

There are many theories about the Nazca lines so if you’re curious, research it and expand your known world!


We are gonna talk about P.O.S to day.

P.O.S  is a rapper whit his own unique rap style, a lot of beats are actually played by a band and its in a punk rock style.

he is a great story teller and he brings it whit a lot of emotion, you can hear a lot of his opinions about life and things that happened to him or some one he knew.

he is sign  by the label rhymesayers, witch is one of the best hip-hop labels there are and the founder of this label is no one less than slug form atmosphere.

P.O.S  is involved in a lot of other music he is the singer and guitar player of a punk band named building better bombs (witch has no rap in it at al!) and he is also a big part of the rap crew Doomtree. so this guy is a hard worker. he is from Minneapolis just like atmosphere and the rapper grieves.

this is a great video from beginning to the end especially the end!

the song it self is great to and you can really feel the punk.

for more great p.o.s songs hit me up and I’ll let you know

Edo Poland.

Thurday’s Blog

Hey everyone, it’s thursday. And it’s my turn to post a blog. I’m already enjoying my weekend. It was a long school week as usual.
So, I’m laying on the couch. Gonna write an awesome blog on the handy WordPress app. If you have an Android or ios phone, I recommend you this app.

So last friday I was watching The Voice of Holland. Yes, I’m a big fan of talentshows like the Voice, Xfactor etc. Anyways, I was watching the voice. And the last audition of the episode was from a girl named Julia van der Toorn. A 17 year old girl, with a guitar. She sang an acoustic cover of Britney Spears’ Oops I did it again. The audience went crazy. And the jury ad well. They were are dying to get her on their team.
I was not impressed by this girl Julia’s performance. I mean it wasn’t bad, but they were all like: ‘Oh my god, Julia. Your talent is beyond! You’re the frontrunner of this competion. You’re gonna be the winner’!
My opinion about all this is that it’s not fair to the other contestants. If I would be a contestant I’d feel like I was in the show just for granted. I mean like, the next day saturday. Every radio station was talking about ‘That girl Julia from the Voice’. Her cover of Oops I did it again is available at Itunes. That’s like so shitty to the other contestants who got through the auditions. But didn’t had their auditions songs recorded and available in the Itunes store.
Well, here’s Julia’s auditions. Decide if you think it’s as good as everyone says.

So, enough about the Voice. Since I’m the one that’s supposed to write about movies. Imma write about one of my favourite tv shows that’s inspired by a movie: Catfish the tvseries.
I freaking love that show! I just can’t miss an episode, I watch it every week. It’s such a clever tv show. How many (American) people are in a online relationship? Many times it’s to good to be true. And every episode is just so different. You never know what to expect from the ‘catfishes’.

The guy who came up with this tv show Nev Schulman, is like my hero. He is this real sweet nice guy. He’s always so nice and understanding.
Till now I’ve seen all the episodes that were aired in Holland.
But I still haven’t seen the actual movie. So, when I have some spare time imma watch it for sure!

I think I wrote everything I wanted to put in this blog today. Okay, guys till next time. I have to write monday again, so till monday ;)!

Felicity Francis


Hello everyone.

Today another post about sex.
I ‘ll keep it short for now.
I’ll give you updates on the fun sex positions .

Okay, here we go.

The sex positions.

Lithe for women : The sailor


The sailor.

How ?
You : Lies on your back and swinging your legs back, as if you could take a tumble .
He : Sit on his knees in front of you , take your legs and put them in his neck . So you actually legs resting on his shoulders . He grabs your hips firmly and leans forward . You make rocking movements.

Why is it so good? In this scolding you open sex more and the penis of your friend like a dip in the deep take ! Your hands are free to caress each other and you can look each other in the eyes .

If you try it? You must be agile enough to handle this. Scolding It’s also nice if you like to kiss your partner during sex .

Fact : Because your vagina is more open in this position , you can pubis and coccyx muscle tightening during lovemaking . You span them and relaxes them around the penis of your friend . You will take him to the seventh heaven .

For Acrobats: Wheelbarrow


The Wheelbarrow

How ?
You: Think back to your childhood and take the starting position of the game to barrow. Use a few cushions to sit . At the correct height
He : State right behind you and take your ankles firmly. You bend your legs and stick them against the thighs of your partner.

Why is it so good? Surprise Effect guaranteed! You play with the rules of gravity and the usual wijzes penetration . Your head pointing to the ground , making you feel a pleasant dizziness and on top of that you can enjoy a penetration from behind . You give your partner as a beautiful view of your buttocks which will ensure that he will persevere! Efforts more

If you try it? You want to break the routine and try something different . It is the ideal way to show your sweetheart that you yoga classes are effective, in every way!

Fact: To keep you full longer support best on your forearms and not just on your hands. Also keep going back up to avoid the blood to quickly go to your head . This is just not the right time to attack! Faint.

Well hope you enjoy.

Greetz, Vanity Bell.

The Cooperation

The cooperation in our group went fine.
The blogs are kept tidy.
We have good load balancing distributes.
Edo and Vanity ( myself ) have just got more done with the newspaper article.
And the others Felicity and Luka have only just looked if she liked it.
Everybody agrees.