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Today i am gonna tell you something about ‘orgasms’.

Orgasm is one of the most strongest feeling what a human being can get.

Unfortunately orgasm lasts much longer than one minute.

An orgasm gives much pleasure and after the climax gives you a relaxed feeling.

A woman can orgasm multiple times. a man always takes a while before he can come again.

a woman can get an orgasm in different ways.
mouth, fingers, vibrator, penis.

The basic line of giving a woman an orgasm is to penetrate her clitorus.

 Here is a video about the g-spot. This gives the woman a climax. It is harder than normal.

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greetz, Vani


Soccer news: Real Madrid – Galatasaray

Hi there bloggers! It’s Felicity here blogging, I’m sorry for not putting a blog on earlier.
I was sick and my computer is at the store to repair it. It’s pretty slow and I can’t use it properly. It takes an hout to open a tab. So, I’m using the app again. Nice app, but typing a long blog with a touchscreen really sucks. Anyways, in this blog I’m going to do a little flashback of last week’s Champions League matches. You remember that I wrote about it? In this blog I’m going to tell about Galatasaray – Real Madrid.
It was a hell of match, from Real and for Galatasaray. The result was 1-6. One goal against six.
I didn’t expect Galatasaray to win from Real, but I really didn’t expect this result.
Galatasaray had a good start though, they had their best players on the pitch and created some attacks. With Didier Drogba as the leader of the team they played with a little confidence in their Türk Telekom Arena. But Real wasn’t inpressed by the attemps of Galatasaray.
The 0-1 came, Isco scored nice and simple. Past keeper Muslera.
Okay, untill that point it didn’t looked to bad for Galatasaray.
But a few minutes before half time, Drogba clashed into his opponent and left himself hurt and injured. He could not finish the match.
Half time was over and Galatasaray looked clearly lost without Drogba. One minute after half time the 0-2 came. 0-3, 0-4, 0-5.
Umut Bulut scored the 1-5 for Galatasaray to save their pride a little. And after that goal, the 1-6 came. A hattrick made by who else? Cristiano Ronaldo. And to pretty goals by Karim Benzema.
Next week they have to play the returns, Real Madrid wil play in their home stadium Estadio Bernabeu.
I will write a quick summary of the other match, Ajax – Barcelona.
Till next time.

Felicity Francis



Hello everyone,

Today I am going to talk about SM.



a combination of sadism: pleasure in putting on pain, and masochism: fun in the subject and suppress pain is a form of sexual experience in which one or more of the partner(s) the pain caused to undergo another. Sm can easily be manually polite but also using tools, whether or not specifically designed for this purpose.


Examples are:

• spanking

• whipping and flogging

• clamps and pins on different body parts

• use of hand and leg irons, tying with rope (bondage)

• use of mouth gags (cloths, rubber ball, inflatable gag)

• pricking with needles (needle play)

• melted candle wax dripping on various body parts and then possibly cooling with ice cubes (wax-game)

• electrical stimulation (electro sex)

• tying the partner

• Stretching orifices using dildos or butt plug. Whether or not inflatable toys.

• facesitting

Where to BDSM main concern is the love and devotion to each other. The submissive wants his or her dominant  please. Conversely, the dominant feels responsible for the welfare of the submissive.

Extreme forms there are, strangle seks (sexual pleasure by squeezing the throat or unaided) is a very dangerous form of sadomasochism.

Greetz Vani Bell




my beautiful dark twisted fantasy is one of the best rap albums ever put out!

Im not a fan on comersial rap but Kanye west is on of the best rappers the world has ever seen. The art work is done bij George Condo and that gives it a cool look. Mr west even made a full movie about the album. The hole album is just amazing from the beats the lyrics the art or the video’s. I dont think he can ever make something beter its just perfect. Enjoy the movie!



Aliens and religion.

Aliens and religion!
I shall start with religious paintings created in the 14th century and lots of pictures:

Artsy Aliens:
Almost since the beginning of time (well, ‘the beginning of time after christ’) human beings of the Christian religion have been painting their religious views. Christ, God, Maria, the crucifixion etc.
BUT, on many old paintings people have discovered u.f.o’s. Let’s have a look at this painting from the 14th century, Jesus’ crucifixion.
14th century crucifixion.
At the top right and left there are two machines depicted with a being inside:

This is the one on the right. Could this be what they call ‘an angel’? It’s clear that it is someone inside a spacecraft, though none were invented until centuries later. Why would an artist paint two beings in flying objects unless he had seen them? He could’ve also had a vivid imagination.
But look at these ones:
15th century''la tebai Maria with her son, an angel and two cows. But at the far right there’s a strange object with a man and his dog looking directly at it. It’s almost as if the painting has a hidden message, as if the Maria on the painting isn’t really what it’s all about. In fact it seems the artist wanted to draw a sneaky attention to the flying object. In my opinion he just used Maria so that on first glance it seems a religious painting but it really isn’t about that at all.

That is clearly a flying disk. If it isn’t, I’d really want to know what the artist was thinking of.

E.T. in Egypt:
 Elongated heads!
Many human figures depicted in ancient Egyptian sculptures, walls or artwork have elongated heads.
Was it something the humans tried to copy, having seen their gods with heads like these? Or could they really be from outer space or have different DNA?
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are found in Egypt, Mexico, Peru and other countries. Some are as old as 200 Before Christ.
There is a way to get your skull to grow that way. It is officially called ‘Artificial Cranial Deformation’. In some cults they flatten their newborn children’s head with wood bent in an angle around the head, and because the bones are still soft, the skull grows into the wanted shape. But still, there are many skulls found, are all of them ‘made’ this way? And if so, why? Habits or religious reasons must have an origin.

Something that’s also weirdly remarkable are the Giza pyramids, they mirror the solar system of Orion perfectly. How could human beings (never have been in outerspace) have build these giant pyramids with such perfection without any knowledge of stars and solar systems? Think about that:
giza orion


Oral Sex


Oral sex is often practiced as a form of foreplay, although it is a goal in itself may be.

The operations can be both specifically for the enjoyment of the partner as well done for your own pleasure.
Oral sex is practiced by heterosexuals and homosexuals. Both pairs, trios and in groups. Sometimes a person if it has a very flexible backbone thus with himself. This is called a woman and a man Autocunnilingus Auto Fellatio.
Sexual needs can be  with oral sex when a woman wants to keep her physical virginity. Heterosexual couples can also use this form of sex as an alternative to contraception.
Many people use euphemisms to talk about oral sex because there is still a slight taboo on these activities.

Attitudes and variants

Oral sex can be performed in a variety of poses. In standing, lying or sitting positions are many variations are possible.

Wiki-sixtynine Édouard-Henri_Avril_(20) Édouard-Henri_Avril_(21) save_a_mouse_eat_a_pussy_by_drixx_nudal-d50asz5


Also in oral sex can contract an STI (sexually transmitted disease). Especially with multiple sexual partners will grow this risk. One should be alert to include chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis but also AIDS.
A Swedish study suspect link between human papillomavirus and certain cancers. [Source?] It is believed that the risk increases with the increase of variable-oral sexual contacts.


Today I am gonna discus a Rapper/singer that goes by the name of Astronautalis.

This guy has his uniqe style, a combination of singing mixed with rap. The beat in this song is played by real instruments, and that gives it something special. In this song the beat goes trew all kind of up-beat and low-beat sounds. This is from his lates album “Our science” that has the same titel as the song.

He is good friends with P.O.S, you can also see him in this video where he says the line: We just deal with whatever comes up.  I think the video is not that special but it is still pretty cool.

So enjoy!

Edo Poland